Elective courses

During their BA in Political Science, students have to take 12 ects in elective courses. It is possible to choose among different options provided by the University, included language courses/ assessments, as long as consistent with students’ study plan.

As a general rule, students should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Normally, if a course is offered by the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (SPES), it is not necessary to obtain any authorisation (see, however, points 4 and 5). You may even choose MA courses, but in that event you are strongly encouraged to contact professors in advance, and check with them if specific skills are required in order to attend the course or take the exam.
  2. If a course is offered by another Faculty, students should write to spo@unimi.it to be sure that these exams can be considered consistent with their study plans. Usually, if it is a course in humanities, there are no issues arising (exceptions made for points 4 and 5); to avoid the risk of taking exams that can’t be recognized as elective courses, students are strongly encouraged to contact the tutors in advance.
  3. Students are allowed to choose language courses/assessments only if the proficiency level is higher than a) the level already required by SPO study plan and b) the level that students have already achieved by taking other elective courses. For instance, since “Language in Politics” is a B2-level course, students can obtain elective ects only with C1-level knowledge English courses/assessments. However, if a student has already taken “Advanced Foreign Language: Anglo-American” (C1), she will not be allowed to choose another C1 English course/assessment. If a student has taken the French language assessment (B1), she will be allowed to choose only B2-level French courses/assessments; if she has taken another language assessment, she will be allowed to choose also a B1-level French course/assessment. This rule applies to all languages taught in the Faculty.
  4. Students are not allowed to take elective courses that are relevantly comparable to courses already included in SPO study plan, whether they are offered by SPES Faculty or by other Faculties. For instance, it is not possible to choose “Sistemi sociali comparati” from SIE, because it is comparable to “Sociology”. Likewise, it is not possible to take “Sistemi politici e amministrativi” from MAP and LAM or “‘Politica, istituzioni e sviluppo’” from GLO, because they are analogous to “Political Science”. Analogously, students enrolled at SPO are not allowed to take “Istituzioni di diritto pubblico e privato” from LAM because they already have to take “Public Law” and “Private Law”. The same goes for “Storia del mondo contemporaneo” from GLO, because it is comparable to “Contemporary History”.
  5. This rule applies also to the exams offered during the 1st and the 2nd year of SPO, i.e. students can’t take the Italian version of a course they are already taking in English (and vice versa). The general and basic rule is that students are not allowed to choose elective courses that replicate contents already included in their study plan (even if programmes and materials are different).  When in doubt, students should first write to spo@unimi.it

What follows is a non-exhaustive list of the opportunities offered in English by the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social sciences. We here excluded the courses offered by the MA in  “Economics and political science” (EPS), “Economics and Finance” (MEF), “Management iof Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (MIE), and “Data Science for Economics” (DSE), for which it is normallty required  the completion of SPO Politics & economics before.

Course Year Term Instructor Ects Program
Theory and Practice of Human Rights 3 1 Riva 6 SPO
Public Economics workshop 3 3 Santoni 3 SPO
International Law of Armed Conflicts 1 1 Pedrazzi 6 REL
American History and Politics 1 2 Sioli 6 REL
Geopolitics of the Contemporary International System 1 2 Colombo 9 REL
European Regulatory Economics 1 2 Clò 6 REL
Financial Markets and Financial Crises: A Historical Approach 1 2 De Luca 6 REL
History of Regional Integrations 1 2 Graglia 6 REL
History and Politics of North Africa and the Middle East 1 3 Giunchi 6 REL
International Monetary Economics 1 3 Facchini 9 REL
International Political Thought 2 2 Bassani 6 REL
Constitution-Building and Transition to Democracy 2 2 Filippini 6 REL
International Economic Law 2 2 Adinolfi 6 REL
History and Politics of the Far East 2 3 Tbd 6 REL
History and Politics of the Sub-Saharan Africa 2 3 Fiamingo 6 REL
Data Analysis 1 1 Tommasi 9 COM
Economics of Communication 1 1 Gambaro 9 COM
Media and Politics 1 1 Mazzoleni 9 COM
Network Society 1 1 Maraffi 9 COM
Public Opinion Analysis 1 1 Barisione 9 COM
Web Communication 1 1 Tbd 9 COM
Communication Research 1 2 Biolcati 9 COM
Consumer Culture 1 2 Sassatelli 9 COM
Human Resources Management 1 2 Guerci 9 COM
Marketing (Advanced) 1 2 Tbd 9 COM
Comparative Political Behaviour 1 3 Segatti 9 COM
Digital Media and Global Communication 1 3 Arvidsson 9 COM
Market Regulation and Business Practices 1 3 Ammannati 9 COM
Research Methods 1 3 Chiesi 9 COM
Survey Methods 1 3 Natale 6 COM
Consumer and Shopping Behaviour 2 1 Iacovone 9 COM
Advertising Strategy 2 1 Nardella 9 COM
Big Data and Digital Methods 2 1 Tbd 12 COM
Corporate Communication 2 1 Tbd 9 COM
Advanced Labour Economics 1 1 Leonardi 6 MLS
Comparative Political Economy 1 1 Mattei 12 MLS
Data Analysis and Statistics 1 1 Panichella 6 MLS
Economic and Social Regulation of Labour 1 2 Bordogna 9 MLS
Human Resources Management 1 2 Solari 6 MLS
Comparative and European Labour Law 1 3 Pallini 9 MLS
Organizational Behaviour 1 3 Gilardi 9 MLS
International Business Management and Accounting 2 1 Tbd 9 MLS
Organizational Development and Change 2 1 Tbd 6 MLS
Personnel Economics and HR Metrics 2 1 Solari 9 MLS
Advanced Labour Law 2 2 Biasi 6 MLS
Comparative Employment Relations 2 2 Regalia 6 MLS
Hiring and Recruitment 2 2 Colombo 6 MLS
Labour Markets and Globalization 2 2 Semenza 6 MLS
Social Innovation and Welfare Mix 2 2 Maino 9 MLS
Labour Market, Education and Training 2 3 Ballarino 12 MLS

Download the complete list of  Courses taught in English AY 2018-19 and always check all details with the instructor before deciding.