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Do you have (at least) an official 
B2 English certificate or do you need to take the English placement test?

Without a B2 you won’t be able to take any exam of the Politics and Economics curriculum.

Did you take the entry test? Have you checked if you got an OFA? (i.e. have you answered correctly less than 50% of the questions in Linguistic comprehension or in Logic & Math?)
Results: Test spring 2018 SPO Test summer 2018 SPO

In the website of the faculty you find all the information concerning the academic calendar, the exams, seminars and events, together with all the technicalities concerning your Bachelor program.

And if you have problems in understanding some information provided in Italian, don’t worry:

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sifaonline-en2 On SIFA, amongst other, you can:

  • enroll
  • renew your enrolment (year by year)
  • ask for a certification
  • ask for scholarships, accomodation and refectory services
  • prepare your plan of studies
  • register for the exams: registrations always close 4-6 days before the exam date
  • check your written results, and career.

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