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This is our Bachelor programme.

Map 2017

Map of the Nationalities of our SPO students


Political science (SPO) in English is thought both for International students and for Italian ones that want to take a challenging and innovative path for earning their BA degree. The course in Political Science has been thoroughly revised, though still maintaining its multidisciplinary character. The first two years include modules in contemporary history, economics, law, political science, and sociology. At the beginning of the last term of the second year, students move from generalist courses to one of five more specialised options (one entirely taught in English). Overall, the multidisciplinary character of the course and the wide number of labs aim at providing students with a flexible approach and cross-cutting understanding of key national and supranational institutions and processes that characterise contemporary societies.

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Here are the slides of the Welcome to the 2017/18 freshmen

A clip realized by our 2015/16 freshmen, and their longer video.

Short video presentation (after the 2014/15 edition)

Here you can find the podcast of the Italian presentation of SPO at the Open day 2015/16.


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